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Registration starts monday 18th feb for Rockcastle INT 3GN !

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Heads up for all NON Americans :cheers:

First 100 places will be released monday 18th feb for the 3 Gun Nation - October match at Rockcastle.

Special package deal includes 7 nights Rockcastle lodge accommodation & all meals , 3 days range practice & 2 day match entry , PLUS 2000 rounds & all gun's & equipment - just bring eyes & ears :surprise:

Match has full backing of all major American gun companies & they have provided a very large number of guns to use in both training & the match .

Plus each competitor gets an outstanding "swag bag" like only Rockcastle can do.

After the 100 package spaces are sold the remaining 250+ places will go to American's with both Am & Pro divisions with just a match entry fee.

A package deal is also available without accommodation for Americans & for newer competition shooters the added benefit of 3 days pre match training & assorted gun trying will be a bonus.

Side shoots , cave shoot & Pro clinics along with manufactures demos.

Gary Welborn will post about pro/am divisions later next month.,along with just the match booking info for "locals" who require no package deals.

So for any non American now's your chance to take part in a truly unique event & not worry about flying in with guns/ammo & take part in a 3 Gun Nation match. I hear the NRA(usa) are providing range bags & other cool stuff.


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