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I dont think I have enough experience to give you a good review at this point, purchased my first pistol just a few months ago (xd40sc). I shot a bow IBO for years so there is a lot on theory that translates between the two. I spend most of my time dry firing. With that said I have shot the only ammo I can get my hands on 115 fmj this is full power and though I think my grip is decent at this point I am having some issues dealing with the muzzle flip. I am sure this will be worked out in time and assisted even further with reduced power ammo.

Couple points I can make is I love the feel of he gun I found it very reminiscent of a 1911, sight acquisition is fast with the front fiber though I will be looking for a smaller fiber I am accustom to a .019 fiber in archery and the stock fiber is huge (aim small miss small) . The trigger is going to have to go is way better than my xd40sc but it still has too much take up for me and too much travel. I am sure its something I can train my self to deal with but why do it when I can just put in a better trigger that better suits my natural style.

This is all my opinion and being new you could just chalk this up to talking out my ass. I could completely change my mind in 3 months after I bit more practice.

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