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Volquartsen MKIII custom .22 pistols


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I'm really liking the look of these, in particular, the one named deluxe. I have a few questions for those of you out there that own one (any) of these pistols. https://www.volquartsen.com/tags/15-complete-firearms,20-volquartsen-mkiii-custom-pistols

If you bought a "complete pistol", what exactly does it come with? They have "do not include" buttons beside the order form, are these there if you are not ordering a complete gun?

Do the grips on these change the angle of the MKIII to closer to that of a 1911? Looking at the pictures, it appears that the grips slightly change the angle (I've always had issues with the grip of the MK pistols, and was wondering this might be an option.)

Are the pistols durable? Made from good quality components?

How many mags do they come with? Will they fire the cheap bulk ammo with no issues (for the most part)?

Looking for any feedback, good or bad.

They are coming out mid 2013 with the 22/45 based versions... Should I just wait till they get here if the grip angle is a problem?

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