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Female from South Texas


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Hi everyone. I'm a female from the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio. I've actually been shooting on and off for about 30 years, however last year decided to get more into competition. I found a local women's shooting club, A Girl and A Gun, joined last year, and several of us shoot USPSA. I've done 3 USPSA matches, along with a steel last month, and am really digging it.

Because of the ammo situation, I decided to give hand loading a try. I bought a Dillon 650 (go big or go home, I always say), took an NRA metallic reloaders class, and spent some time with friends who reload.

So I really like the idea of loading my own ammo...but it's scary as hell. I loaded some light loads last week, went to the range to test them out, and they cycled perfectly, with nice groups. I'm not even worrying about PF right now, just being careful and doing things correctly. I'm shooting a 9mm XDm.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. I've noticed that every time I do online research, I end up here at this forum...lol So decided I better come out of hiding and say hello.


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Welcome to the forums. It's true that all roads eventually lead to this place. Enjoy loading and shooting. There are a bunch of very helpful shooters hanging out here who are very generous of their time and talents. Good luck and stay safe

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