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I've been checking their web site for several days now but you can't get to the pricing or ordering pages. I'm sure they're like everyone else and slammed. Anyone know if that's why their site is down?

Supposedly its down so they can catch up on orders. I received a reply to my e-mail earlier this week. They advised to mail in any order requests.


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The one's buying all the bullets are the shooters and reloaders,They can only make the bullets when they have the copper and lead to do so, they could be having hard time getting supply in to make them, I bet there back log is about 90 to 120 days if not more, that could be why they took the web site off line so they could catch up with the order that was already in the system.

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Looks like a new note on their web site:


We are 30-40 days out on all orders. Online page is 3 weeks out for a new page setup. Your credit cards are not charged until your order is shipped. Thanks for your business. Management


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Anybody got a copy of there order form like on a PDF?

That way I can print it out and mail them a copy... And get on the back order list...

Google is your friend. After seaching, check the cached pages.


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