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Large Charging Handle for Versa Max Tactical


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Does anyone know where/how I can get a LARGE, knurled charging handle for the Remington VM Tactical? Either a custom shop that's already making them or a machine shop that understands this stuff? The stock one is a pretty weenie sized one for a tactical handle plus it spins which makes it less effective too. I'd like to find one similiar to the size on the Mossberg JM Pro or the large Benelli ones. I've been cruising the usual net custom shotgun sites to no success. As popular as this gun has become in 3-gun circles, seems liked there would be a decent market for this. Thanks for any feedback!

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Briley makes one, but with assorted colors of smooth aluminum handles. The handles are threaded on to the steel shaft, so one could easily have it knurled at a machine shop... or make your own oversize threaded handle.

GG&G is suppose to be making one similar to the big one for the 1100... give 'em a shout and see where they're at.

There is also a gent here that did a fairly well detailed overview of the mods he made to his 3-gun VM. One of those mods includes fitting a charging handle for a Nordic Benelli M1/2 to the gun... but he didn't discribe exactly how he did it. Scroll down to post 39 to see it.


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