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Precision Rifle Match @ Hillside Shooting Sports in Roanoke Indiana


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We will be hosting a Precision Rifle/Long Range rifle match at Hillside Shooting Sports April 28, 2013.

Match Fee: $25.00

Make sure to come out and enjoy a great day at the Pistol & Rifle Range during our Precision Rifle Competition. This competition is great for beginner to advanced level shooters. This event will be using paper and steel targets at various known distances.

This new Course of Fire was designed to test the performance and marksmanship of the shooter and their firearm. Testing both at distances from 100 yards to 1000 yards. We will be using “shoot-n-see” paper targets for closer ranges then utilizing steel targets for longer ranges. All targets (paper or steel) will be a "HIT" or "NO HIT", shooter must "HIT" 3 out of 5 shots on target to advance to next stage.

Round count for this competition is 40 scoring rounds. There will be a 5 minute unlimited sighter period before each STAGE so make sure to adjust your round count accordingly.


STAGE 1: 5 Shots @ 100 Yards on Shoot'n'See Paper

STAGE 2: 5 Shots @ 200 Yards on Shoot'n'See Paper

STAGE 3: 5 Shots @ 300 Yards on 8” Steel

STAGE 4: 5 Shots @ 400 Yards on 8” Steel

STAGE 5: 5 Shots @ 600 Yards on 12” Steel

STAGE 6: 5 Shots @ 1000 Yards on 40” Steel

STAGE 7: 5 Shots @ 1000 Yards on 20” Steel

STAGE 8: 5 Shots @ 1000 Yards on 10” Steel

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Sorry Greg, forgot the divisions:

Divisions are as follows:

OPEN - Anything goes rifle wise (custom actions, custom stocks, custom barrel, F-Class support systems, custom handloaded ammo)

FACTORY - Factory Barrel/Action, can have after market stock, factory ammunition, Bi-pods and rear bags only, no vices or benchrest rigs.

TACTICAL - 308 Win, 300 Win Mag, 223/5.56 - Tactical Style guns (Bolt guns setup like Military style weapons, Semi Autos), Bi-pods and Rear bag supports no vices or benchrest rigs. Factory Ammunition only.

I didn't come up with the rules just doing the promotion. I'm working on changing the ammo part. No reason for someone using a factory gun but handloads and being forced to open.

338 Lapua Magnum is the largest round allowed, no 50 calibers.

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