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Is it just me or does 3GN website suck for finding information. I cant find anything on their site! How many competitiors are in the pro series now? If your in pro do you ever fall out?

It's pretty but it's typically out of date. Chalk that up to growing to fast.

Last I heard there were 64, 65, or 66 pro series competitors. The bottom 16 had to shoot against the top semi pro competitors to keep their spot as a pro. They just shot the qualifier match last weekend. Several of the bottom 16 pros didn't shoot the qualifier and a few that did didn't finish in the top 16-18. There will likely also be some pros that finished 1-50 that decide not to compete in the pro series in 2013. So we may have 16-20 or so new pro shooters next year.

They had an open call for any semi pro to shoot the qualifier because they top 25 didn't all decide to participate. So if your trying to make the pros shoot semi pro this season and you will likely get your shot to shoot you're way in next February.

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