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Bulge when loading 147gn ?


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Working on some loads for my Kimber Solo with some 147gn FMJ's. You can see where the bullet stops in the brass kinda like a small bulge. I ran a few through my Solo and XDM with no issues. Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?

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I had the same problem when first loading Zero 147gr bullets. I didn't have this problem with the Berry 147's that I typically load. I had to run some through a Lee Factory Crimp die to get them to successfully pass the case guage. CBC brass was the worst for this bulge, as it appears to be a little thicker. See the thread below for pictures and more info:


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Maybe normal. My experience is more like Bobwat's. While some "coke bottle" or "wasp waist" effect is typical of a reloaded 9x19 round, you might actually get too much, adversely affecting feeding, and it seems to depend on the bullet, brass, and OAL.

Since the longer bullet seats deeper in the case, even though the 9x19 case is tapered (wider towards the case head), the brass thickens towards the base. If you have a short OAL with a type of brass that is very thick walled, you may actually get a bulge that can choke the gun. I don't load CBC brass with my 147's for that specific reason.

A lighter, shorter bullet, different brass brand, or a longer OAL with the 147 might be OK, though.

Check your rounds with a tight gauge or the bbl of your gun with enough rounds that you're sure you won't have an issue. If you do find the occasional round sticking in the chamber, see if it happens with a specific brand of brass.

Have fun reloading ammo and shooting, but be safe.

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