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Small magnum pistol primers for 9mm minor


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After reading that it looking like it was more of a brass problem then a problem with using mag primers with a minor load. I would say just run them and inspect a handful of brass around the primer pocket after firing.

That might be the case. After reading a dozen or so threads on primers and breech face erosion the specific conditions required for erosion are not clear. The potential causes have been claimed to be: 1) magnum pistol primers in low pressure loads. 2) rifle primers in low pressure loads. 3) loose primer pockets. 4) excessive headspace. 5) soft breech metal. Various kinds of evidence have been offered, but some folks strongly believe in their evidence and some have made good arguments to support their evidence and claims. With all the different opinions and evidence it's hard to nail it down.

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Some magnum primers are harder than others. Winchester small pistol magnum primers use the same cup as the small pistol, as well as Federal. CCI uses their small rifle cup with the small pistol magnums, and it is harder.

Is this information published somewhere?

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