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extended striker OR a 4.5 lb trigger spring


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I did a search on this and everything I read revolved around strikers that were lighter or the Jager striker, which as far as I know, isn't available (Jager's website just says "sold out," and I'm pretty sure I saw they were sold out about a year ago when I looked last.)

Are there any options besides Jager for a longer striker? My CZ's run longer firing pins that cost $20...and I have two buddies that shoot Glocks that can't run anything but federal primers reliably.

From what I know, the options for longer strikers are:

- Jager, but I don't know how you can get one of these and what the availability would be should it break (it is lightened)

- Glockworx (@ $80)

Is that all that's available?

As to the trigger spring, I HAD a Vanek trigger in a Glock and it came with a few trigger springs. I think it was a 5.0, a 4.5, and a 4.0. I think I had the 4.5 installed and I had ZERO light strikes with any primer...but I have no idea where you could get the 5.0 and 4.5 springs. Anybody know where they can be purchased? (The competition spring kits all come with 4.0.)


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Wolff has them in 4#, 4.5#, 5#, 5.5#, 6#. Using the 4# spring with a Jager firing pin and the 4.5# with the OEM firing pin and changing all springs every 10,000 rounds or yearly I never had a light strike using quality factory ammunition.

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