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Seeking input...Douglas barrels & Leupold or Bushnell


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Hi gang.

I recently put a couple of AR's together. One based on a 18" JP CTR-02 upper and a 16" Douglas barrel in a Seekins upper/lower set.

I have used Bartlien, Krieger, JP, etc., barrels before but never a Douglas barrel. But it was the only barrel I could find currently other then plain mil-spec types.

Does anyone have any experience with Douglas AR barrels? Good, bad, average,etc.?

The barrel is a mid length gas, light Reccon contour. I am using a JP adjustable gas block, coupled with a JP LMOS BCG and LMOS buffer and tuned spring.

Next...I currently have a Leupold VX-6 Multigun scope on the 18", but want to move that to the 16". I have been looking at the new Bushnell 1-8.5X and the Leupold Mark 6 1-6X to put on the 18". I know the Bushy is just released, but a, hoping someone has some first hand knowledge on either scope.

The Bushy just seems big and heavy 26oz I think the specs say vs the Luepold at 18oz.

Thank in advance, Stan

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