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Shot timer Apps


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I'm practicing steel challenge using airsoft in Japan.

I'm new to using timers. I downloaded ipsc shot timer app but not really sure how to set up.

Does anyone have "how to use this App" kind of thing?

I heard Surefire's App for Ipones are good. but I have Samsung so that thing won't work with mine..

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click on the app

It says <start> on the last line. Start the timer and it will initialize with a beep (your key to start shooting). The mic records the time of the shot. You click end when finished and open the results table. The first time, 0.17s is the time to the beep. The times below that include the .17s.

results look like

number time spilt

1 0.17 0.00

2 1.17 1.00

3 3.00 1.83


you get the idea. If you click menu you can calibrate the recording threshold as it listens for shots for 10 seconds.

There are others out there with other features like memory of past runs, and randomized start times, but the idea is the same.

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