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MP 9mm Pro Favorite Competition Bullet Question


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Among other disciplines I shoot IDPA locally (Polk County, FL)-SSP and ESP Div; Sharpshooter rating. Was using MP .45 FS,(SSP/CDP), (Love it!), just bought a MP 9mm Pro, all stock parts-aprx 500 rounds. (Love it too.) Load on a 550B, only powder on hand is TG. Don't plan on pursuing greatness, just shooting for fun and to remain responsible.

Only 9mm I could find were 124 RN and FP Rainiers. I have 124 and 147, FP and HP samples from Prec. Delta ordered,(6 weeks out). Have been reading extensively on several forums and it seems heavier (147) bullets are at least equal in use with 124/125's. (135's seem to be an emerging entity).

My question is............given the fact that orders are 6 to 8 weeks out I feel a need, (i.e. I want to but can wait), to decide what weight bullet to buy in quantity. (5-10m ea.) I don't want to spend XTP money so I would value input; if you were buying today for your MP 9mm Pro, and, wanted to use Tight Group, -would you buy 124's; 135's; or 147's, what style, and from whom.

For this pistol so far, best accuracy, center to center, at 25 yds rested:

147g Horn XTP 1.4 x 1.18 inch-8 rounds

3.4 TG


R-P Brass

.380 crimp

1.15 OAL

124g Rainier FP 2.5 x.2.05 inch 10 rounds

4.1 TG(tried 4.2,4.2-worse)

1.08 OAL(tried 1.13,1.15-worse)

Fed Brass

124g Rainier RN 3.2 x 4.8 in 10 rounds

4.1 TG(tried 4.2,4.3-worse)

1.15 OAL (also 1.13 OAL-4x5 inch)

Fed Brass

Worst accuracy;

CCI 147 FMJ factory load-5 rounds-8 inches

(These two are the only 147 I have.)

Thanks is advance.

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Lots of the guys I shoot with use Berry's 147g with V-V N320 (titegroup is very simular) 3.5g @1.55 ocl. Shoots very soft and Berrys are less expensive than many others. Also 3.2g of N310 is also popular, but it is very high pressure and unforgiving of you make a mistake. Don't ask why I know that tidbit.

Montana Golds are a really good bullet. I have not shot the Precision Deltas, but they have a very good reputation as well.

I guess I really did not answer your question: For IDPA I load Berrys 147s, xTream 147s and some Montana Gold 147s. All in round nose.

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In my 9Pro, I have tested about every bullet I could get my hands on, and a bunch of powders. The best style has been 124/125 JHPs with the Hornady HAP getting some very high marks and sub 2" 5 shot groups at 25 yards. I do use a rather fast powder which has also helped with the accuracy so I would think you will find similar results with TG.

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