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Trigger reset issue?


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Just got a shadow in from CZC. I dropped in a new 13 lb mainspring and then noticed something that troubles me. The gun will drop the hammer with the slide quite a bit out of battery. My gun will drop the hammer with the take down notches lined up, anything past that won't drop the hammer.

This can't be normal, or is it?

Not one of their custom guns, just a stock Shadow.

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Further mysteries abound.

Looking at the trigger bar in relation to the notches in the slide which is how the trigger is disconnected I'm not sure how you would ever get the disconnect system to trip until the slide is a good bit aft. I guess it's just a design thing but since I come from 1911's it stood out.

Discuss please.

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My Kadet conversion on a CZ75B frame and stock 9mm slide on the same frame will do the same thing. If the firing pin travel is limited in the CZ, this condition may not be as bad a safety hazard as you mave first thought.

All I can suggest is perhaps try your frame with another slide or your slide on another frame and see if there are differences which would help identify if and where the discrepancy is.


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