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38 SC case-mouth flare GSI vs. Mr Bullet Feeder


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I'm finding that I need to run a fair amount of case-mouth bell or flare to get my GSI bullet feeder to run reliably. Particularly with Zero 125 gr JHP as they have a pretty sharp edge on the base, at least compared to MG JHPs. After CasePro roll sizing and then running them through a Dillon sizing die I get a very consistent case OD of .378" up towards the case mouth. I seem to need a flared diameter of at least .386-.388", about .005" of flare radially, to not have a 1-in-50 or so jam where the case mouth catches the lower edge of the bullet and digs into the jacket. The GSI works like a champ otherwise, though I can out-run* it when I'm really clipping along, and I can accept a reduction in case life for the benefits offered by the auto bullet feed (though I've seen no case mouth cracks yet) but I am curious what those of you who run a MBF are finding you need for case-mouth flare. FWIW when hand placing bullets I can get by with a really minimal flare, maybe a couple of thou at most?

*...but I get to keep my powder-check which I really value as a back-up for my visual check, my eyes ain't what they used to be... :-)

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