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Any recommendations for upgraded sights- Benelli M4

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Good day gentleman,

For now I only have my Benelli M4 to shoot in 3G. I was curious if anyone had some thoughts on sights to upgrade from the factory Ghost Rings. I will be shooting Tactical.

Thanks for your time and input.

Edit- someone mentioned HiViz has a front sight for the M4.

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If you came from a shotgun clays background you will find ghost sights to be significantly slower.

The clay shooter uses their eye as the rear sight and they do not focus on the front bead. The goal is to see the clay, the front sight will naturally align (after 10,000 clay birds :surprise: ) and the rear sight is the eye.

This is one reason why shotgun shooters spend so much time and effort getting their guns to fit correctly.

Spend some time on a patterning board and you will never go back to ghost sight.

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The Ghostring slows you down.

Are you serious? What about rifle, is it faster without sights?

I have used all the time ghost rings in both rifle and shotgun and i know, it is not slower.

I used to love Ghostring sights on a shotgun and Ilike them on a gun you are going to mostly shoot with slugs but for targets you are using with shot and airborn targets they slow you down too much. Try it on a timer some time. Put 5 or so poppers down range at 10 yards do several runs with a Ghostring sighted gun and then with a good vent rib and fiber optic bead gun and you then decide based on your performance. Seeing is believing at least it was for me.


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A friend of mine removed the rear sight and that worked ok. The Ghostring slows you down. I used to be a big M4 fan but not so much now. Sold mine and went with a M2.


I'm reluctant to agree but I must. I've used my M4 the entire last season. I always made the excuse that the ghost ring allowed me to blast the 100yd slug targets one for one that it made up time.

I shot a friends Salient M2 and I had to have one. Not only is the M2 lighter, which translates to faster and smoother swing, but the vent rib is quite faster to pick up the targets.

Again, I hate to admit it but it's true...

Now, to address the original question, I didn't use any after market sights. I've heard of a fiber optic from sight but I never figured I needed it. And there are some minor issues with the stock M4 that I needed to remedy. PM me and I'll let you know what I did to make it nearly 100% reliable with any ammo.

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