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My homemade 5 gal wet mixer


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First off, OMG!!!! This is the best!

So I am in the epoxy floor business and some people use a powered bucket mixer to make 3-4 gal of mix at a time.

I knew where there was one sitting aound so here we go.

Mixer and executive asst.


I knew I would need paddles to agitate the media and brass.

Bolted in 3 pieces of 3/4" angle. bolts have rubber washers on the outside.

Not really much water pressure and they do not leak.




1 gal of water, Dish soap, tad bit of citric acid, 10lbs or pins and about 700 pieces of 5.56


One hour later, Rinse, tumble, towel, and ley them out.

For drying they all go in a spare bathroom with the dehumidfier running.

Never ever get brass this clean dry tumbling. Yea!!!!


Thanks to everyone on the forum for your threads and posts with info!

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I wonder if a guy could make one that has a handle on it so you could go on a long walk and roll it down the street.

Better yet, Could you convert one of those plastic lawn rollers that you pull behind a mower? Mow grass and clean brass at the same time!

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The mixer probably has a name on it somewhere covered up with layers of Epoxy! :goof:

But any of the ones you all found are the correct ones.

Mine is at least 20 years old and has the gear reduction built into the top of the motor unit.

I looked at mixers and the Harbor freight one is really nice and small. There is a Kobalt brand at Lowes witha plastic drum but it is big (although my store had one for $209 the other day)

This is nice because it is not very big and you can pull the bucket and go right to the mop sink in the garage.

I bought the small (.42)pins at Midway last week when they were $34 per bag. They are from Pellets.

They seem to work fine and after cleaning 3500 pieces of 5.56 in not even two evenings during commercials I am sold.

I challenge Mr. Miculek to a polish off. :cheers:

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