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RRA 9mm Upper Magazine issues


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I have issues seating the magazines with my rra 9mm upper. If they are seated correctly it runs flawlessly but the adapter gets loose easily and then the mags can move down resulting in a stove pipe or not feeding at all or even falling out.

Although I do have the mag catch as far in as possible I dont have any real feedback if the mag is seated or not.

They are also not falling free so I have to get them out and sometimes the adapter comes out too.

As I said the adapter gets loose easiyl even when i screw it in.

Anyone have the same problems and a solution?

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My spikes ( Hahn ) had 2 allen screws to set in place. I used loctite during set up and had zero Movement through 1500 rounds.

Hope this helps.

i was thinking about the same but currently i use it with the same lower like the 223 so have to be able to remove it. as soon as i have a dedicated lower will go that way

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