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My Texas Open Classifier video.


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Hmm....What kind of pointers are you looking for? There is always room for improvement. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Your "leaning back" comment is good. I see this as a symptom of not being aggressive enough. The thing that we sometimes forget is this sport is one of speed as well as technique but, our techniques will influence our aggressiveness and subsequently our speed.
  2. Take that comment and look at your first steps and draw off the mark. Were they aggressive enough for your desired results?
  3. Transition between arrays: The movement between arrays on this stage is relatively short. Yet, you dropped your gun down instead of keeping it up and driving it to the next target. I think that this is a skill for you to learn. If the movement is a longer distance I would move to strong hand only but keep that gun up where you can get your sight picture back very quickly.
  4. 3rd Array: it looks to me like you could have taken both the 3rd and 4th arrays from your last shooting position. That would have saved you a second or two.

Short version. Think aggressively. Your shooting techniques (sight alignment, trigger control, recoil control, etc.) will come with practice. You have multiple decades of experience moving your body, move aggressively through the stage. Most of all, be safe and HAVE FUN!

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I agree with Mfry4, you need to be agressive.

Explode at the beep, get the gun out as quick as possible and get to your first shooting position.

Drive the gun between shooting positions. It's hard to tell the target distance on video, but I would have been very tempted to move and shoot everything except the steel.

It also looks like you definitely could have shot the last 2 arrays from one position.

Why are you dropping the gun between arrays?

These are all things that I need to work on as well, I try to do everything but shooting as fast as possible. Reload, movement, draw, transition do all of those fast and you'll see a big change in time.

Watching it a second time - I think you could have shot the whole stage from 2 positions. The first 2 arrays straight up from the first wall, and the last 2 arrays from the last wall. It appears you're shooting limited, so that stage breakdown would work.

I shoot prod so I would have been reloading after every array, still I think I would have been slow stepping through the targets vs standing.

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This was also my first shoot and I was more concerned with accuracy hence the 4 moves. As to lowering my gunive always done that dont know why. And I agree I could have shot them from just 2 positions but I was being cautious.

You do need to be careful about lowering the gun like that. It's better to bring the gun straight back to your chest. If you get into the habit of lowering it, and have to move around a barrier that is close, you can sweep your feet without realizing it. I have seen a lot of new guys do that, and if they don't change it, they get DQed for it.

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FWIW, that wasn't a classifier stage, just a field course. Stages 1-4 were the classifier stages. And it looks like you didn't finish dead last, so good job on that! (People usually tend to finish dead last on their first match)


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I was wondering if you had left - it was the van bay, and you shot it? I completely bombed that stage (got 0 points due to 2 NS hits and 2 resulting mikes), I'm curious if it happened to you and they didn't bother recording the score maybe?

And like I said, you weren't dead last, so that's an achievement in and of itself. And including what others said, you need to work on:

* Stop dropping your muzzle between positiions

* Speed up a bit on steel (might be a shot/sight confidence issue)

* Leg speed moving between shooting positions

* Stage planning (for example, in Limited, you could have shot that stage in 2 positions instead of 4)

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And I use cmcalc.com - there's a phone app for it as well as the website. And since you zero'd stage 1, you won't have a classification.

Partial People Eaters: 22%

Madness: 33%

Table Stakes: 4.69%

That's D class, but you need 1 more to make it official (and you need to give GPS your membership number before they submit the data to USPSA).


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