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When the match is done what do you talk about?

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I think as I work on things. This afternoon I was making up a batch of chili and got to thinking about the group I tend to shoot with. When we head off to a match several hours away it is not uncommon to stop for something to eat on the way back. Besides the common element of how things went at the match we usually start talking about recipes and other dishes we like to make or are working on perfecting.

Have received a few interesting comments from others who are sitting in our general area. Usually about the strange combination of gun talk mixing with favorite recipes, then what we are working on at our jobs which are construction and service fields for the most part and maybe some more talk about how we prepare our favorite dishes. We ALL have our own ideas on the best meats and how to grill them. LOL

So when you have finished a match what do you talk about with your shooting buddies that the general public would not expect to hear from a bunch of "gun nuts"?

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Like you, afterwards my friends and I stop for something to eat, have couple beers and discuss the match.

One friend and I have daughters that are in gymnastics. Discussions about gymnastics is something that the general public would not expect to hear from us.

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We have one other area of discussion that can get heated depending on who is sitting around us. Politics :surprise:

Politics rarely gets heated since we are all of the same basic opinion on the subject.

That's what we talked about today. I joked with my wife that I finally got people to see my point of view. She asked, "You mean the guys you were shooting with at the Range, actually agree with you on Gun Control?" Shocking. :-)

Had a good time shooting steel today. One of the guys was actually wearing a Maku mozo! T-Shirt .

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Our club has a sponsorship from a local Pub. We go there after the match and have some wings, a brewski or two and talk about anything and everything. They give us 30% off our bill. We usually hand that money right back to the waitresses. It's all good.


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