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Case feeder plate keeps popping up. Suggestions?

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Case feeder is using the small rifle plate for 5.56, on a 650.

The plate pops up enough to allow brass under the plate. I've had the unit since new, almost a year.

I'm on the verge of boring and threading a hole axially into the end of the shaft to run a bolt through the opening between the clutch bolts to attach the plate to the shaft.

The 650 is on a strongmount.

The bench is solid, nailed to the wall and concrete floor.

The case feeder post is chained to the wall on the left and right with a turnbuckle to eliminate vibration.

I load the feeder with a (clean) 1LB potato salad container, so I'm not loading the hopper to overflowing. Regardless of this, the problem occurs at several intervals til the hopper is mostly empty. It'll happen about once every 50 to 75 rounds on frequent occasions. Randomly more often.

The shaft is clean, the clutch has never been tightened since new, but it's not a problem with 'spin'.

It happens at slow and fast setting.

The hopper is clean, I've wiped it clean with alcohol many times to eliminate possible build-up while scooping the shells out from under the plate to reload it.

Combining this with brass misalignments at the shell drop or station #1 every 20 rounds or so and I'm constantly fiddling with this press trying to keep it running just decapping brass at about ~25/minute rate. Since that's about the slow speed rotation of the case feeder, I don't think I'm expecting too much from the feeder.

Thanks for any consideration and or hints/tips.

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