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Ok so here i go. I have some options as far as setting up my current glock or getting a gun geared towards competition..We will start with the Glock 19 and upgrades i have listed to do to it in the next few weeks. The glock 19 is my personal gun. With these upgrades and options, i am looking at roughly $950..

Glock 19:

-Zev Tech Fulcrum Trigger

-Zev Tech Competition Spring Kit

-KMM Pre-Fit Barrel

-Docter Red dot 7MOA

-Zev Tech Gen4 Mag release

*Done by Glockworx:

---Red dot sight cut

---Angled Dragon cut(on front slide)

Gun looking at:

-EAA Witness Match Elite

-Glock 34

-CZ SP-01 Shadow

Any input or further suggestions is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time..

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If that Glock 19 is also a carry gun, the mods you suggest may cause you 'courtroom grief' if you ever have to use it in a SD situation. For the $950 in mods you are looking at for the G19, I would suggest a G34 with a trigger job. A G34 is a better competion platform, and you can leave your G19 stock... for about the same money.... now you have two guns, instead of one.

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I agree with GOF. G19 is not a very ideal gun for any gun games. Too short sight radius, too few rounds, etc. Kind of like souping up a subaru. Not a bad car but not really ideal for anything other than getting you from point a to point b. Throwing money into it is sort of a waste, in a manner of speaking, especially the machine work, slide cuts, sight cuts, aftermarket barrel.


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I love my XDm's and use 2. I use one setup for production and the other for CCW. Same platform. You could do the same in glock and will then have a spare gun for competition and will become more proficient for CCW. Since you already have the 19, get a 34.

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