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reloading 124gr with clays and wsf


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Thought I would post some results from shooting 124gr with clays and wsf. This was shot from a g35 with a loan wolf conversion barrel in the first group and with the gf gen3 g34 with factory barrel in the second set of results. With the g35 and LW conversion barrel I was running round nose fmj out to 1.125". Theg34 with a stock barrel was MG jhp at 1.15" which is as long as I can run them. I cannot run the long mg jhp in the g35, I would have to run them at 1.06" so I have a throat reamer on the way to help that out. All were 10 shot groups shot in 35-40 degree weather over a pact model one.

Use this info at youre own discression and work up all loads slowly watching for signs of pressure.

G35 with LW conversion barrel

mixed range brass

remington 5.5 primers

124gr round nose fmj @ 1.125"

3.5gr clays PF-128.8

A=1039 ES=47

H=1065 SD=14.6

L=1018 AD=11.1

Pressure signs look really good, powder puff to shoot. Not bad accuracy.

3.7gr clays PF=132.8

A=1070 ES=69

H=1109 SD=19.4

L=1040 AD=13.9

Pressure signs still looking good, would not be afraid to go a little higher. Still powder puff and little worse on the accuracy.

4.7gr WSF PF=134.9

A=1088 ES=80

H=1121 SD=26

L=1041 AD=21.7

Pressure signs look great, pretty soft shooting, accuracy not so good

4.9gr WSF PF=140

A=1107 L=1088

H=1132 ES=42

Pressure signs look good, soft shooting better accuracy.

5.1gr WSF PF=144

A=1165 ES=28.7

H=1178 SD=9.7

L=1149 AD=7.3

Pressure signs look good, not bad at all to shoot. very nice accuracy. I ended up settling on this load

5.3gr WSF PF=148

A=1195 ES=28.5

H=1207 SD=8.6

L=1179 AD=6.7

Very light pressure signs, still not bad to shoot, not a powder puff though lol. accuracy still nice.

5.5gr WSF PF 152

A=1226 ES72.5

H=1264 SD=28.1

L=1192 AD=24.5

Starting to see more signs of pressure, primers starting to flatten a bit but not flowing. starting to kick a bit, downhill on the accuracy.

Ended up settling on 5.1 grains WSF, makes for a real nice shooting load and takes down steel and bowling pins nicely.

G34 w/stock barrel

MG 124gr JHP

mixed range brass

winchester spp


Not shooting off a very stable rest for the accuracy portion, shooting at 15yds

3.4gr clays PF=122.5

A=988 ES=28.1

H=1003 SD=9.6

L=975 AD=8.5

pressure signs pretty good, is this a 22 lol, did not even try it for accuracy as the PF was to low.

3.6 gr clays PF=130.6

A=1054 ES33.4

H=1070 SD=10.1

L=1036 AD=7.5

atrting to see a little pressure signs. Very soft shooting. 2.5" group

3.8gr clays PF=134.7

A=1087 L=1035 SD=8.4

H=1100 ES=28.2 AD=6.4

primers start to flatten a bit but not bad, could probably go higher but not going to. Still soft shooting. Very nice accuracy 1.5" group

4.9gr WSF PF=131.2

A=1058 L=1035 SD=18.4

H=1086 ES=51 AD=14

no sign of pressure, pretty soft shooting. accuracy bad enough that I did not keep the plate lol.


5.3gr WSF PF= 140.2

A=1131 L=1104 SD=15.3

H=1153 ES=49.3 AD=11

pressure sign look good, starting to feel a bit of kick, 2.5" group

5.5 gr WSF PF=148.7

A=1199 L=1186 SD=11.9

H=1225 ES=38.3 AD=8.3

Pressure signs good but starting to climb. can feel them kick but not bad. 1.5" group. really like this one.

5.7gr WSF just shot a few for accuracy and did nt chrono.

pressure signs ok, starting to kick a bit. 2" group

Will load and test the 3.8gr clays and the 5.5WSF more. Probably load the wsf for bowling pins for the gf and the clays for practice.

at no point did the pressure signs look bad or into an area that I would be scared to shoot.

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