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Bulging bottom on C-More


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I just purchased a new C-More sight for my open gun and the plastic part on the back of it is bulging quite a bit. It doesn't seem like I can remove it and while I can press it in to lay flat, it takes a lot of force and immediately goes back to this state when I let go. I've attached pics that show it.

I'm worried about trying to mount it since I may break it with the amount of force I'll have to apply to the screws to make it lay flat.

Is this normal or should I return it (my old one is flat underneath)?




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Is it a click switch? Mine has the same bulge. It is over 10 years old, and I cut the legs off to use on a Barry mount.

Works just fine.

You can remove the bottom. Look for Brazos instructions on converting a serendipity to a slide ride.

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Supposedly these are waterproof to 200 meters and should come from the factory assembled and sealed correctly. Took a look at the ones I have and their covers are all are flat and flush.

Maybe try to reseat the cover per Mr. Brazos suggestion, and he has a great web page on how to convert the serendipity to a slide ride (thanks!) with photos: http://www.brazoscustom.com/magart/0701.htm

If returning it is a fairly painless option I’d be tempted to just go that route and not mess with it. The slide ride should sit flat and stress free on the mount platform.

Paul, in your case it probably helped, so yeah...I'd leave that alone! :D;)

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