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question about STI grand master


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I am thinking about getting a STI grand master.. 9mm... can the 9mm cycle with a MINOR load ?? ? and what is involved to make it do so.. I understand a STI steel master will .. but i like the looks of the Grand Master.. but would prefer not to use a MAJOR load because i shoot a Glock 19 and use minor..


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Yes it will cycle MInor loads. Let me give you one that will work like a dream.

115gr jacketed bullet JHP or CMJ only and 5.6 grains of AutoComp, or with a 124gr 5.2gr of AutoComp. No they won't put a smile on your face when shooting your tupperware, but not bad.

This will produce about 135-140pf and run and shoot nicely in the Grand Master.

Do not go below a 9# recoil spring in the gun, lighter springs will cause reliability problems, once it is well broken in you can try an 8#, or even 7#, but again you can get FTF with light springs.

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