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Powder coming through bars on powder measure


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I just recently purchased a 650 and am excited to get started with reloading 9mm and .40 s&w. As I am working on calibrating the powder charge I've noticed that powder keeps coming through in between the powder bar that slides back and forth (see pic). I'm using Titegroup powder, but it's starting to get all over the shell plate and press in general. Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks for any help!


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I don't have a Dillon (I have a Lee Classic Turret with the Auto Disk powder measure). But hopefully share what I did. I purchased Lee's adjustable charge bar...looks like it works similar to what you have on your Dillon. I had similar issues.

I started by putting scotch tape on my charge bar then filing the hopper mounting bosses down until I "just" skimmed the tape. Then I sanded my charge bar with 600gr sand paper on a piece of glass to get the sliding surfaces as smooth as possible. Then I coated all sliding bearing surfaces with powdered graphite. It now operates very smooth and greatly reduced the spillage. TG was a big problem for me too....works better now.

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