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5.7 x 28 help

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Hey guys, I have loaded quite a bit in the last year... mostly on a Dillon 650! I am upgrading to a Super 1050 in the next few weeks so that is exciting for me:)

In saying that, I want to reload 5.7x28 as I have a 5.7 pistol, PS90, and Ar Five Seven... Ammo is getting hard to find and when I can find it, its extremly expensive... So, since I have primers, heads, powders, and well over 3k empty pieces of 5.7 brass... reloading only makes sense at this point.

My uncle is a retired LEO and has been reloading for 40+ years and he just got an Ar Five Seven as well... so we are thinking about buying the set up to load.

I already have a few single stage presses mounted to my bench (both are Rockchuckers).

My question is, what Dies do you all recommend? RCBS, Lee, Hornaday, or Redding...etc? The Redding 3 die set run around 125.00 and am willing to buy them but, I wanted to ask you all what you would do/go with?

I have also read that some shell holders are better than others... looking for help here!

Do you guys have any idea about case trimming these rounds? I have read that folks have run into a lot of issues with this specific case... Do you all have any hints or ideas to make this go smooth?

I got the bullets and load off ammo guide already so no help needed there at this point.

Looking forward to all the help/advise I can get here!



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My point was that Dillon will not make dies and such for it, and there is something that is scaring them off that is a valid problem with reloading it. I could care less what machine you use.

I don't remember what it was, but there definitely was a major problem with reloading 5.7.

All I am saying is, do your homework and be careful...



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+1 for rigger

The 5.7 is hard to reload for die to case design

Be very careful, don't exceed bullet weights especially keep em under 30grs

Dillon doesn't want anything to do with it because this is one that is just too dangerous

FN has their own specialized powder developed for use in the 5.7

You won't get anywhere near the factory velocity with it, not safely that is

You are playing with danger there experimenting

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There is a fiveseven forum with a section for reloading it, you may want to start your quest for info there. I've heard a couple things such as there is a factory coating on the brass that makes reloading a bit more challenging but no direct experience. Would love to have one but a bit to odd interms of reloading.

I'll pm you the forum link if you havent been there yet.

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