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Intro (from Iowa)


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I never did the “introduction” when I registered well over a year ago. Long time lurker, really have enjoyed the information found at this site. At the time of my registration I was moving to southern Louisiana and have already relocated away from there to Ankeny, Iowa (near Des Moines). That’s after 14 years in St. Louis where I became a fairly active shooter while belonging to the Benchrest Club in Wright City, MO. Never did bench comp but did get into pistol comp (IDPA mostly) and was working toward getting into 3-gun at the time I moved away. My shooting has been curbed, even in St. Louis, with arrival of two boys. I’m hoping my time away from shooting will decrease as the boys get older and I’m very hopeful they will find interest in the shooting sports and/or hunting.

Between the tiny boys getting bigger every day and our crazy political climate I’ve found myself thinking of firearms and 3-gun more and more all the time. Gearing up in this day and age is a challenge. I never could decide between Tac-Optics, Open, Heavy Metal and it seems I’m about halfway prepared in any one of them. Might have to truly adopt the “bring what you have” mindset.

Beyond that I’m quite happy to be closer to prairie dog country as I really enjoy that type of precision shooting and probably the biggest benefit of this move is closer proximity to quality bird hunting for my 4 ½ year old GSP. Can’t wait to hunt over him considerably more than I have been able to the last couple of years.

Anyway, I’m just barely settled into my new house but I’m very happy to have all my “toys” with me as most never made it to Louisiana (long story). With that I need to figure out the lay of the land here. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it is gone and despite the 2-hour round trip from home I really miss the Benchrest Club as well as the other locations in the STL area such as Arnold’s club.

Does anybody have any guidance on shooting/comp shooting in the Des Moines area? Sure would like to find a long-range rifle opportunity similar to what I had at Benchrest and equally much would like to find some pistol or even 3-gun competition opportunities as well.

I suspect I’ll post a bit more as I try to come back up-to-speed on a variety of topics after what seems to be a lengthy absence.



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