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May 20/21 class. Same range as Area 1.

Ben Stoeger

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There will be a class in conjunction with the Area 1 match. It will be the Monday and Tuesday right after. Matt Hopkins will be assisting.

5/20-5/21 at the same range as Area 1. You do not need to be in the match to take the class…. But we will be working with some of the same stages.

Instructor: Ben Stoeger is a USPSA Production Grand Master, having numerous Section, Area, and National Championship wins. Ben finished the 2012 season as the USPSA Production National Champion.

Cost: $350

Ammo: Expect to shoot somewhere between 500 to 600 rounds per day. Bring extra.

Class Limit: There is a class limit of 12 students. (a minimum of 6 registered students is needed to hold the class)

The curriculum for the class will be as follows:

USPSA Techniques (this will consist mostly of specialized movement techniques)

Moving Targets

Stage Breakdown/Analysis

Practice Tips and Techniques

High Speed Accuracy

Preparation for Major Matches

  • anything people request to be added

The format of the class consists of one day of intensive work on technique. The first half day will cover USPSA fundamentals. The second half of the first day will cover more advanced USPSA techniques.

The second day will be devoted to working on stage breakdown and improving stage times.

This class is geared towards anyone interested in shooting USPSA matches.

Register here:


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