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Benelli Broken Question? Photos Included


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Just received a Benelli Super BE II back from C-Rums with welded lifter. YeeHah!

Put the thing together and the Bolt Catch Button would not pop out or work properly....... upon inspection I noticed the Carrier Latch had a crack and bend in it, WTF?

The gun had just gone on a couple of 3 day duck hunting trips and shot (not as much as it should have).

I guess I am asking does this part break often? I thought this was a stamped part, but the crack looks MIM (I am no expert on stampings/MIM). It also failed on the back end and I would have thought that the front (forward) end would have failed first. Common or just a bad part...?

Is there a "better" version of this part?

I thought it was common for people to custom bend this Carrier Catch for easier loading, etc. and that is was a pretty bomber part. I have not needed to bend mine, so that did not cause the part to fail. Just pointing out that it was not abused, but is known to hold up to abuse.

Is it just a knock out the roll pin and replace... easy.... or more to it?





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Wow, I have never seen this before. I would call Benelli. They should send you a new part as this is a defective part if I ever saw one. It does come out by removing the pin.

This part is usually way too stiff at the other end [from your crack] making the magazine hard to load and also impossible to unload by pushing on the cartridge retainer portion of it as it says in the manual. Many 3-gunners have been slightly deepening the two notches on the edge that are across from each other making that end of the part more flexible. One of these u-notches is visible in your pic. There is plenty of info here on Enos and the web about this modification.

I wish there was a way to remove or disable the little cartridge drop lever on the Benellis. Maybe I'll get used to it eventually but it is a constant source of confusion and PIA for me and others.

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What I meant by my comment is that some aftermarket units are both the larger release button and a carrier latch replacement as well. I could not tell if this was an entire replacement unit. If it is an Arrendondo unit I think that is just a larger addition to the stock carrier latch and should have nothing to do with your problem.

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Well I have seen that a couple of times. What happens is someone forgot to push in on the bolt release button nice and firmly when installing the trigger assembly. The rear tab ( where yours is broken) is trapped between the shell release tab on the trigger assembly and the trigger housing. Then when it doesn't operate like it should someone really reefs in on the bolt release button to make it work and SNAP!. Big old bolt closing buttons help break this part when improperly assembled. It could have happened anytime in the guns life and just now decided to finally let loose, but that is how it happens.

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Thanks guys! I am installing the new one right now. Benelli sent me a new one in less than a week. Roll pin so far is a bitch...

Yes, it can be.

Grind a slight bevel on the end of the pin. Use a drill bit or other pin of the proper size to hold the latch in place while you put the roll pin back into place.

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