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Thanks Brian for the 1050

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I ordered 1 month ago and it arrived just 1 week after order. I order it 9mm with .223 caliber change and quick change. I have .223 dies while .223 dies are backordered heavily at the time of my order.

When it arrived i switched it to .223 right away. I just watched a youtube and maybe took me an hour since i'm still studying it. I have to set-up all the dies, swager etc. if you have a quick change and not changing to different sized primer (which i will not do), then caliber change is just easy. I have a 4K rounds .223 reload project. I ordered case feed fix to improve the case feeding timing (i don't know why dillon don't have this in the 1st place). So far i have loaded 1K and i'm happy. I have to change my loading rhythm with 1050 compared to how i do in 650. Most of my issue has been case feed (before i got the case feed fix) 1 case crash when i haven't adjusted my swager properly. I shot few of my loads in a 3 gun training and all fired and been accurate.

I sold my 650 with bulletfeeder to help fund my super1050. I don't miss my 650 any bit :-)

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