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Match ammo service delivered to range or hotel?

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I did a few searches (match ammo service) and couldn't locate a useful hit. I am looking into flying to a competition training class. It says 1000 minimum rounds required. Don't want to hassle with the TSA with that quantity of ammo. It will be bad enough dealing with a firearm...

I recall seeing posts about ammo services where they load and then deliver to the range. Anyone know of a service like that that would ship to SF/N CA area?

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when and where is your class?

Entirely possible that they may have something setup for ammo shipment. Ive used the ammo service at Nationals but havent seen it anywhere else.

If you cant find anything and its in the bay area and you feel comfortable with it - you could ship it to my house, i'm about 30 minutes south of SFO.

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call Atlanta arms and tell them your situation. should be no problem sending a package to a hotel. they will just store it till you get there for pick up. happens all the time.

the only problem is the laws in SF. some companies do not send guns or ammo there. Also SF area has a vibrant gun club at the Richmond rod and gun. you might inquire if they or someone there could help you

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