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Sorry to use the BE forum to help me shop, but finding a CZ anywhere is darn near impossible. I had every intention of getting a SP-01 Shadow (the one CZ Custom sells) but I need a dose of reality from the team here. Kicked around the thought of doing some IDPA since my local club started a monthly IDPA shoot. I thought I read the SP-01 Shadow may not make the weight cut. What I'm looking for is a nice home defense (w/TLR-1 on the rail which eliminates a CZ75), target, possible event, all around gun. I have also suddenly become a bit of a trigger snob for some reason. To the experts here, what is the best option for what I am looking for? I can't find any CZ locally to hold and pull the trigger on so its basically order sight unseen so I need to rely on you guys for your expertise.

What I'm faced with: Get the base gun (which model?), base gun with trigger job from CZ Custom, or just get the tricked out version?

Thanks for any help and again I apologize for using this forum for shopping advice.

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One of my pals owns a half-dozen stock CZ-75s including an SP01 Shadow. All of them have a heavy DA pull and creepy SA release that's far worse than my 1911 or M&P with Apex sear and striker block. Ordering a tuned CZ-75 from the custom shot was a no-brainer for me when the time came to get one. I trust that it will be all that when it arrives next month.

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