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Introduction from southeastern PA


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Hi all,

I decided to create an account here after seeing how much valuable feedback I've been reading in trying to put together my reloading shopping list. I currently have nothing for reloading, other than a few buckets of brass and a workbench, so I'm starting from scratch. I've decided to go with an XL650, so now I'm working on the shopping list, trying to determine what I need, what I want, what would be nice to have, what I should wait and see about, etc. But, this is just shared here for the sake of the introduction. If I actually have some questions or seek some guidance before putting in my order, I will post elsewhere.

Thanks. And hey, I enjoyed Brian's book.

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Welcome Ray, if you're going to reload only revolver, you need the cheapest scale

you can find and an inexpensive Chrony, and some lube - wipe the cases with

lube, which also cleans them, and you're set to reload.

If you want to clean the brass first mechanically, you need a tumbler/sifter and

some media.

To load semi-auto pistols, you also need a set of calipers.

To reload rifle, you need to trim the cases.

If you'll be using military brass, you need to remove the primers and the

crimp in the primer pocket.

What are you reloading?

The difficult part right now, is purchasing bullets, primers & powder - order it

all soon, as it is all backordered and will take a while to get to you.

When you have 15 minutes, go to the reloading forum (whichever caliber

you're going to reload first) and read all the postings there for the past

year or two. You'll be an expert in no time.


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Hey, thanks for the tips, Jack.

Last night I ordered a tumbler and media separator, since those are not tied to a specific reloading press decision. I'm 95% certain that I'll be going with the XL650, which I'll order from here. I realize that there is often advice against getting such a press as your first, but I'm not really one who believes in "starter presses" or other things like that.

Initially, I'll be loading nothing but 9mm. Today's research task is to find a scale that is the right balance of being not too junky and not too expensive. Getting setup to reload is proving to be pretty pricey!

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I'll be going with the XL650,

Initially, I'll be loading nothing but 9mm. Getting setup to reload is proving to be pricey!

It can be pricey, if you go the 650 route.

You can load 9mm (and other pistol cartridges) on a Square Deal

for a LOT LESS - not pricey at all.

SqD and Everything else you need costs $500 :surprise: Someone just

sold a 650 here a few days ago for $1050, used. It just makes ammo,

doesn't it?

Nothing wrong with the 650 - actually wish I had one - I saw a demo

here on BE a few months ago, and it rocked. But, too pricey for me. :cheers:

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