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Zen in the Art of Pistol Shooting


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"Eliminate the space between" is an old Japanese saying that describes an important element of Zen. While anyone should always achieve to do the "right thing," in Zen, this is not the ultimate goal. Rather, to do those right things INSTANTLY, without any conscious deliberation is a much higher goal. Jackson Morisawa stated, "When the operation of the mind and the body coincide with one point in time and when the space between thought and conduct is eliminated in such a way that they are in perfect unison, we may regard such a moment as the present."

Is a great segment. Our local GM described a drill that he, and some of the other spiffy shooters were doing. You lined up on the target, finger on the trigger, and fired as soon as you heard the beep. It was to show you how fast you could actually react to the beep.

At first, I was at .18 or so - but, I could, at times, flirt with .10-.12, but I fired on the "impression" of hearing the beep, not knowing that I heard it.

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I think we all go into zen mode when we dry-fire. The dry-fire drill is our mantra and we clear our heads off all external influences instinctively. You must be relaxed in order to shoot smoothly. If only we could all do that in live fire!

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