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SDB 38/357 and 38ACP Dies

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I picked up an older used SDB a while ago and have really been enjoying loading on it for my pistols. I have been slowly adding caliber conversions and dies and recently bought what was advertised as a 38SPL/357 caliber Conversion and die set. It seems to have parts for 38ACP in the box rather than all the 38/357 parts that I need. Not sure what a 38ACP is?!? Will it work for 38SPL/357? I couldn't find 38ACP listed in Dillons SDB caliber list. Is it the 38 Super? Or Super comp?

The following parts are what arrived:

38/357 #1 (seems to be correct sizing die)

38ACP # 1 (another sizing die?/look the same except for the ACP label)

D Powder Funnel (correct funnel for 38/357)

38ACP # 3 (station 3 = seating die)

Two 38A seating stems (flat point and RN)

one 38 seat stem RN (much shorter than the other 38A's)

Sta # 4 crimp die seems to be missing.

I'm thinking I've been had ... sold a mixed bag of stuff that won't work to load either caliber.

Your Thoughts?



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Update - The seller said he didn't realize he sold me a mixed and incomplete conversion kit and refunded me $35. I shipped him the 38 ACP parts and ordered the balance for a complete kit from Dillon. I should've just bought new ... live and learn.

All parts here and happily loading 38Spl on my SDB.

Life is good!


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