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Accidental Head Shots

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Just curious - are "accidental head shots" (when you're aiming for the body but hit the head) scored as misses during the Classifier, or are they scored as 0 down? I would think misses, but you know what happens when you assume...

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Even if you are required to hit the "body", the description of Vickers count says they count as -0.

Page 45:

"In certain course designs, the course description may specify that a

certain number of shots may be required on specific areas of the

target, i.e. two (2) shots to the body and one (1) shot to the head.

Shots that are specified for the body, but where the shooter actually

shoots the head are to be counted as -0."

And of course Limited Vickers says "...same as Vickers except..." and doesn't eliminate that sentence.

Many people get around it by saying "Torso" instead of "Body", but that rule applies in the classifier.

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That said, you're also at the whim of the SO/MD to get a PE or worse for just avoiding the body/head transition.

"The rationale is that the head

box is a smaller target than the body and therefore is a more

difficult target. Shooting all shots to the head to circumvent sight

alignment transition may be considered a procedural and incur the


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Interesting - I'm glad I asked! Thanks for the response. I was more thinking about the 20yd shots, and re-reading the rules it just says "targets T1-T3". Of course the best answer is to hit what you're aiming at, but if I hit a head it'll do.

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