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reloading recipe for 9mm minor


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wondering if someone can help me with reloading data for production division:

Gun I have is CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow target.

Been shooting glock open major for a little over a year now..and so I wanted to try production div this time around.

Thanks a lot.

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The approach for producing the "proper" ammo for guns with or without a compensator are polar opposites. For a gun with a compensator, light bullets and large charges of slow burning propellants are desired to provide lots of gas to operate the comp to reduce muzzle rise. But for a gun without a compensator, all that gas adds to the recoil, so heavy bullets and small charges of fast burning propellant produce the least recoil.

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Eat your vegetables.....

There must be a dozen threads here on the forum for the gun you have.

Do a search with the words shadow load, or cz shadow SP01 load, or pet 9mm load....

Or try 3.8 of VV N320 with a PD 147FMJ at 1.150.

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Well you can shoot your tupperware loads, I've shot 9 major in my shadow not plesant but, LOL. I'm on board with Darrel nothing beats a 135gr Bayou with a little powder behind it, I use 4.0g gr of WST or 3.8gr of N320 with them. My shadow is a deep throat model I load them out to 1.165 if I want but mostly 1.145 so they don't get mixed up with the loads for my open gun.

If you have some IMR7625 and you might its used in 9 major some, try 4.6gr with a 124/5gr jacketed bullet.

But like Grumpy says there a a 1,000 threads on 9 minor and 100's on the CZ Shadow, I didn't go to the match this morning so I'm bored out of my skull wife sitting.

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