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Sent emails ending up in spam

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Can anybody think of a reason that my sent emails are suddenly going into peoples spam folders instead of their inbox? I have had a rash of unanswered emails lately and when I send a follow up email it will go through and I learn that my initial email was found in their spam. Now whenever I don't get a reply to an email I get worried it never got read.

The only theory my kids were able to come up with after searching all day was that I sent 300 emails asking for match sponsorship, and possibly this triggered some kind of junk email tag to all of my email? The odd thing is that one email might go to spam but a follow up goes right to an inbox?

If the sponsorship theory is possible is there a way to correct it?

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If you are using I.E. for email, maybe that's the problem. I have a gmail account and an I.E. account. The I.E. acct. is ALWAYS slower and problematic with respect to even working, whereas my gmail acct. ALWAYS runs trouble free. Must be nice to sell a product with as many flaws as Microsoft crap and still become a multi-billionaire. Did I say I hate Microsoft!!

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Is your account hosted on a commercial service-- such as YAHOO, HOTMAIL, or GMAIL ? Or on a generic hosting service/ISP ?

You may be able to check with the commercial service to see if they flagged your account. It's certianly possible that sending the 300 emails may have gotten your account flagged.

I've run into issues with folks who's accounts are hosted by their ISP (ie comcast) or through a hosting service, using their own domain. The hosting service's generic mail servers' IP addys themselves get blacklisted, thus do their customer's mail domains.

There are some services out there where you can do a blacklist lookup to see if it contains your email server, domain, or entire address

http://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check is an example of such.

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