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Primer Storage


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Our new office has some enclosed storage that is inside and semi-insulated, but not heated or cooled. Temps could vary between 30 and 90, and humidity should be comparable to being outside (local average around 60-70%). Any reason not to store primers there?

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Suggest you store primers like you store loaded ammo, inside a metal container (safe, ammo can, old refrigerator, etc.). Powder should be store in a 1" thick wood constructed magazine that will ventilate in a fire.

The storage recommendation is based on the following:

Powder storage http://www.saami.org/specifications_and_information/publications/download/SAAMI_ITEM_200-Smokeless_Powder.pdf

Primers and loaded ammo:

The video is long and makes you want to cry watching all that ammo burn, but it is put out by the NSSF in conjunction with SAAMI.
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