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Oakley Ballistic M Frame (Clearance Pricing on Oakley Vault)


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Im sure most of you have eye protection already, but I figured I would post it for you anyways.

Oakley SI Ballistic M Frame - $99.99

1x Clear Lens- Strike

1x Grey Lens- Strike

Doesn't say if it comes with the case, but I am assuming it does



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Thanks for the link.

Could have used it a couple years back though.

I ruined two M-frame iridium lenses at cmmg 3-gun 2 years ago from rifle side dot mount toughing lens while shooting in ackward positions.

I like them but I have switched to the 5.11 RAID.

Much more cost effective since I am not sponsored by Oakley.


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For those on a budget and wanting the same protection, try out these glasses that have much more adjustability and have sizes for fat heads like me :-)


For about $10-$15


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