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I was fortunate enough to be in Minnesota last month for 2 weeks. The hotel I was in had a less than stellar channel lineup so I was poking around Showtime & HBO on-demand and found Homeland.

I really liked Damian Lewis in "Life" so I thought I'd give it a spin.

I finally got through the first 2 seasons and I must say I cannot wait for season 3 this Fall.

Anyone else ?

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I found this show the same exact way you did. stuck out of town in an extended stay on business for 6 weeks. I had showtime. I love this show! only seen season 2 so far, but I plan on watching season 1 as soon as I have the time. Unlike Sopranos, where I can predict what's going to happen next, Homeland always throws a curveball at me. Finale was so unexpected! I got 4 of my friends watching it. Shameless is a close 2nd for me.

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Kinda surprised with the last episode. Don't want to spoil things, but I'm referring to the biggest thing that happened.

I guess the show has move to a different/new angle starting next year. Wasn't sure how long they could string out the "story".

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I'm losing on watching season 3. I just recently got cable (satellite acutally, DISH, or the first time in my life), and since I am new to the service, season 3 is not available.

So I started at the beginning of season 4, and whoa... did I miss a lot.

I thought season 3 would available cheap on DVD by now, but I can't find it for less than $45'ish. Bummer.

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