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Squared Trigger Guard


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PERMITTED Modifications (Inclusive list):

1. Sights to another notch and post type (see “sights” in

glossary for further information).

2. Grips (no weighted grips; see “weighted grips” in glossary

for further details).

3. Internal accuracy work (includes: replacement of the barrel

with one of factory configuration, the use of Accu-Rails, the

use of Briley Bushings).

4. Internal reliability work.

5. Checker frontstrap and backstrap.

6. Checker or square and checker trigger guard.

7. Cosmetic checkering/serrating.

8. Extended thumb (may be ambidextrous) and Beavertail grip


9. Extended magazine release (button may not be oversize in

diameter or protrude more than .2” out from the frame).

10. Factory installed cone style barrels on pistols with a barrel

length of 4.2” or less.

11. Full length guide rod manufactured of material that is no

heavier than common steel.

12. Hammer and other trigger action parts to enhance trigger

pull (includes the use of over travel stop).

13. Beveled magazine well and add-on well extensions.

14. Custom finishes.

Edited by Steve Koski
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