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Brass Processing

Chuck D

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  • 3 weeks later...

Danny is not accepting any new orders (as stated earlier) for now but I just received 5K back from him.....I calculate my .223 brass out based on 14 lbs per 1K....sent him money to process 5K...opened up the box and found a invoice for 4, 986 pcs and .51 cents taped to the back of his card....last time he sent me $2 back....nice to find this honesty in todays world....Thanks Danny



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  • 2 months later...
Since his web site is no longer available, who processes .223 rifle brass out there?

Deprime, resize, crimp removal, and trim to length?

PM Retread1911 from the post above. He processed a large flat rate box for me a few months ago. Turn around was less than a week and the brass looks great. Price was reasonable too.

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Doug at D/C isn't taking any brass for processing right now. I talked to him a few days back and he stated that he wasn't going to be doing that anytime soon. All resources dedicated to loading ammo for now.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I am open as I too need some .223/5.56 processed.

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Retread1911 just replied to me and he said...

Yes I still do processing. Medium flat rate box is 60$ returned and a Large flate rate box is 80$ returned.

Medium box is about 16-1700 pieces

Large box is 2100-2200

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