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AND 50!

Got Boost?

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The signature change has me cleaning up my keyboard.

Got me to read them again. And I found this gem...

Anyone found to be post-count bumping (lots of posts that don't advance the discussion, such as, but not limited to, "+1" or "emoticon" only posts) or making an end run around the classifieds rules by posting something for sale somewhere else on the forum, will have their classified privileges suspended, and their post count reset to zero (0). Following the contribution of 100 meaningful posts, such members may appeal for restoration of their classifieds privileges by sending a PM to any Moderator or Administrator.

LOL Just saw that .... good point! Never piss off the Boss!

It would be funny though to see his post count go DOWN 1 with each new post! :lol:

Post count is now -1!

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You can toy with the Flexmonkey and still be ok at times....Piss him off, and he puts you in a hole. All hail the all powerful, all seeing Flexmonkey!

Tread lightly my friends, you may be next to feel the wrath of the all seeing eye....

He's a tough old scrouge aint he? lol

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