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Who makes a holster for a 1911 with a square trigger guard?

Nemesis Lead

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The title says it all. Who makes a holster (USPSA single stack compliant) for a 1911 with a square trigger guard?

I have a 1911 with a square guard on order and am just wondering how to dress her for USPSA matches!

Note--I am assuming (and could be wrong) that a holster that fits a round trigger guard pistol will NOT fit a square trigger guard pistol. Please correct me if I am wrong!

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The Eagle holster mightn't hold the gun securely because the dustcover is thicker than a standard 1911. It really depends on whether you're using an STI Master frame or having the trigger guard squared like Rich at Canyon Creek does. If the latter, a standard 1911 holster should work with the caveat that you might not get a positive click at the end of insertion, which could be remedied with a heat gun to reform the trigger guard area of the holster.

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