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KKM 9mm barrel 1:20 vs 1:32 twist rate


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I know the KKM 9mm 1:32 barrel is really accurate with 115 gr Sierra and XTP bullets, but does anyone have any experience with it shooting

factory 115gr FMJ? I'm having a 9mm 1911 longslide built for target shooting but I do not reload. I know I can purchase these 115 gr match loads

from Atlanta Arms. Just not sure, if I could afford to consistently. For my situation, I'm not sure if I should go for 1:20 vs 1:32 twist rate for the barrel.

I know I could stick with 115gr weight when purchasing factory FMJ. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks

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What do you want to shoot? I have a 1:32 in my Bianchi gun. Works great with 115 XTPs and works just fine with FMJ 115. It does not work with 147s. At all. You can get really excellent 5 round groups but it normally takes 6 rounds to do it because one of those little buggers will have wandered off. Unless you're going to focus on NRA AP or need extreme accuracy I'd stick to the standard twist barrel. There is a reason it's standard.

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