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Which vendor gets products first from mfgs?


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Trying to find and BO some of the unobtainium 55 gr Hornady bullets. Midway isn’t even taking BO's, most other vendors I see like Natchez is listing the same delivery date of 2014 for ETA. The current situation is understandable. Does anyone have any insight on who gets first shipments? I have the usual in stock notifications as most of us may have with vendors but someone has to be top of the list to get stuff I would think.

I have a small stash of 69gr SMK loaded for use and some surp 55 gr stuff like PMC TAC I’d prefer to hold that back for a rainy day and that should get me by for a while but I’d like to not get into the reserve stuff.

BTW another shout out for Powder Valley. I got an invoice and tracking # for my latest order of supplies in this crazy market and they did NOT mark up prices from what they were a month ago.

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