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Picked up a G23 the other day,G3, and see that it has two recoil springs.

I am putting in a LW conversion .9mm barrel.

Can I use a one piece SS guide rod with and 13lb. spring,

Or should I stay with the two piece set up.

I will be shooting minor pf- only.

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Was that G23 used? The 2-piece is probably aftermarket. I swore I recalled some aftermarket double recoil spring system available for the Gen 3, but now I can't find it. EFK Fire dragon maybe?

Some people really like the dual spring systems. Its a preference, but the gun should run just fine with either.

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Sounds like a Gen 4 Not a Gen 3. I would see how it runs with the G23 springs. I found my Gen 4 G23 and my Gen 4 G19 springs are the same. (I tried them) I like the recoil reduction in the G23 I am feeling in my poor hands with the 357SIG barrel

They are not the same, Gen 4 G19 043 and Gen 4 G23 033.

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Strange, its new in the Box, from a dealer, and its a G3 with out


Just thought it was strange to have a Two spring set up.

Could it be a late issue G3, I looked a my friends G23 and it

Only has one spring. Or maybe a late change to duel springs

To help tame the .40 recoil.

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